Launch of the Deeptech Tour 3: discover Micropep, sponsor of the 2nd edition of the Deeptech Tour

Back to celebrate the local deeptech dynamics within French university hubs, the new edition of the Deeptech Tour is an opportunity to honor the deeptech entrepreneurs, godfathers and godmothers of the previous edition.As part of the Deeptech Plan, Bpifrance has been touring France’s deeptech ecosystems every year since 2020 to raise awareness of the opportunities of Deeptech entrepreneurship.

The objective of this third edition, which will start on September 13 in Montpellier, is to celebrate local deeptech dynamics with all the players in the regional deeptech ecosystem.

Spotlighting committed entrepreneurs who want to change the world

During the second edition of the Deeptech Tour in 2021/2022, each of the stages was sponsored by a deeptech entrepreneur from the region. Whether they are specialized in medtech, biotech or greentech, these talented entrepreneurs shared their stories, their ambitions and explained the challenges they have overcome to students, PhD students and researchers who want to learn more about deeptech entrepreneurship.

From the idea to the development of their technology, through their questioning and their most beautiful encounters, we invite you to dive into the fascinating world of deeptech entrepreneurship through a comic book that compiles all the stories of the godfathers and godmothers of the second edition of the Deeptech Tour.

Discover here, the genesis of Micropep, a startup from the Toulouse region!