New Micropep Executive Appointment Signals Drive to AgTech Product Commercialization

Micropep Technologies (Micropep), a global leader in micropeptide technology, today announced the appointment of Alexandre Frateschi as its new chief business officer. He is a highly experienced executive in the agricultural technology sector and will be leading the organization’s charge toward commercialization.

Prior to joining Micropep, Frateschi worked at BASF for more than a decade, where he fulfilled a variety of roles focused on business development, marketing, financial planning, and identifying relevant trends and technology in the agricultural technology space that provided the greatest opportunity for growth.

Micropep is currently the only company in the world that can rapidly identify and develop functional micropeptide products for agriculture. Micropeptides are short, natural peptide molecules that target and regulate plant genes or proteins. Because micropeptides rapidly degrade in soils, these natural solutions are safe for humans and the environment.

The Micropep discovery platform blends artificial intelligence, computer science, plant biology, and peptide biochemistry to select and produce the best micropeptide candidates among billions. Its current pipeline targets resistant pathogens and weeds threatening major crops throughout the world. Fundamentally, Micropep is revolutionizing crop protection with its unique and proprietary technology.

“Joining Micropep, an organization focused on developing solutions to protect crops by applying biology and new technologies, presents exciting opportunities to change the future of food production. As an organization and as people, we have a responsibility to change the way we produce food. Given how imperative sustainable food production is for the future of the world, Micropep is disrupting crop protection methods with its unique, targeted natural technology,” said Frateschi.

Micropep is committed to working with like-minded partners around the world as it revolutionizes crop protection. The organization is currently building a unique network of leading international partners that will work with Micropep in several areas. Frateschi will help spearhead this as Micropep enters the next phase of its business growth toward commercialization.

“We are looking forward to benefiting from Alexandre’s wealth of experience in the AgTech sector as we continue to grow Micropep into a pioneering business that develops the next generation of sustainable biological crop protection solutions. Micropep is committed to creating products that are compatible with farmers’ budgets as we look towards creating real value that farmers can feel on the ground. Alexandre will be a great resource as we expand into a multi-product solutions organization with several proprietary patented technology families in the pipeline,” said Thomas Laurent, Micropep founder, and chief executive officer.

Micropep will be attending the upcoming World Agri-Tech Summit that will take place in San Francisco from March 14 to 15. Laurent, alongside other emerging AgTech leaders, will be discussing how the industry can work on protecting crops sustainably. Join him as he participates in a panel discussion “More with Less: Can We Protect Crops Sustainably?” on March 15th, from 1:50 – 2:30 pm.

About Micropep Technologies

Micropep Technologies, with operations in the US and France, is a global leader in breakthrough micropeptide technology. The company has developed a proprietary AI-powered discovery platform for micropeptides, which are short protein molecules naturally produced by plant cells and have an infinite number of applications. Micropep is building the next generation of natural solutions addressing global challenges in multiple markets, with a key focus in agriculture.