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Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change

Climate change is hitting our planet faster than predicted, threatening global food production. We all have a part to play to protect the future of our planet. At Micropep, we’re developing safe, efficient and sustainable natural solutions to adapt agricultural systems to the impact of climate change and help save our planet.

The importance of Micropeptides

Micropeptides play a vital role in securing the future of tomorrow’s food, from the seeds we sow to the food on our plates.

Farmers need affordable and sustainable solutions to protect their crops and the answers to their problems exist in nature. Specific families of short proteins, or micropeptides, are essential in many natural plant biological processes, from germination to reproduction. We believe they are the answer to developing the next generation of sustainable crop protection and crop stimulation tools that farmers are looking for. 

A Unique Approach

Finding the right micropeptide sequence for a given function is not easy. Turning it into an efficient and affordable product that farmers can use is even more complicated. Micropep has built a unique discovery platform combining artificial intelligence, bioproduction and delivery technologies that is unrivalled at discovering, producing and formulating micropeptide solutions to address all major agronomic challenges.

Platform, Pipeline and Products

Micropep’s history is deeply rooted in science. But our vision has always been to provide practical solutions for farmers. Our strength comes from the combination of our proprietary discovery platform, the breadth of our research pipeline and the enormous potential of our first products.

Our Partners

Adapting the world to the impact of climate change requires collective efforts from all of us. That’s why we are committed to working with partners across the globe to launch the first generation of micropeptide-based biological solutions and deliver them to farmers. We’re proud to have leading investors, institutions and research partners already supporting our mission.

We are expanding  our  network of partners covering all aspects of our work, from discovery and production to trials and commercialization. Contact us to join our mission to build more sustainable agriculture.

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About us

Micropep is a team of accomplished and driven individuals from different scientific and business backgrounds. We are united by our desire to leave a positive impact on our planet. Micropep was born in Toulouse, France, home of one of the best plant research laboratories, and today we are growing internationally.


Learn more about the exciting world of micropeptides. Follow our progress and our challenges as we change the face of tomorrow's agriculture here.

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